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About ArcticTrade Ltd
ArcticTrade Ltd specializes in the export of high quality mussels from Northern Norway.

Our mussels are cultivated in areas characterized by
  • Cold, extremely clean waters (fjords with depths up to 700 meters, without any pollution sources whatsoever)
  • Hardly any toxic algae, allowing for harvesting throughout the year (except in spawning season)
  • Very low bacteria levels

ArcticTrade mussels are raised on hanging strands (as opposed to bottom shelves), resulting in
  • Total absence of sand within the mussels
  • Fantastic taste and texture
  • Unsurpassed overall quality

Harvesting is carefully planned, and always starts by performing the strictest scientific tests of toxicity and general quality and size. Buyers will be presented with a detailed scientific report on quality before harvesting is performed.

Our company is incorporated in the UK (UK Company No. 5169209), with a Norwegian subsidiary.
Elena Poiarkova Busch
The Managing Director is Mrs. Elena Poiarkova Busch

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ArcticTrade Ltd
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